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Closing Service Provided 


Traditional Closings

The only thing traditional about this closing is the name. We close with you in our state of the art Board Room or Commerce Room,=, complete with readers, phone chargers, and audio and video presentations.  Took a look!


After Hours Closings

At Reliant Title, we aren't going to let something like a schedule prevent you from your dreams.

Monday through Friday, we host after hours closing starting as early 6:30am and as late as 7:30pm.  

We will also accommodate closing on the weekend, Saturday and Sunday we are hosting closing from 9am to 12pm. 


Mobile Notary Closings

Want to close in comfort at a place of your choosing? We can send a mobile notary to you for a stress free closing.  We employ only the best mobile notaries, each with years of real estate closings in the mobile world. Contact Us!


Welcome to the 21st century. with Remote Online Notarization or RON, closings are now done with just a few clicks. This new way to close your home has all the convenience you would ever want. No more signing by hand, everything is done over a secure platform, with a few clicks from any private and secure internet connection.

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